Trance The Vocal Session 2010.2

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Release Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 00:00:00
Region: Trance
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Tracklist: CD 1 1 Armin Van Buuren Feat. Vanvelzen - Broken Tonight (Radio Edit) 2 B.B.E. Feat. Zoexenia - 7 Days And One Week (Armin Prayd Remix) 3 Roger Shah Feat. Chris Jones - To The Sky (Radio Club Mix) 3:41 4 Andrew Bennett Feat. Majuri - Let Me Breathe Again (Radio Edit) 5 Dash Berlin Feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Radio Edit) 6 Ronski Speed Pres. Sun Decade - Lasting Light (Original Mix) 7 Gaia - Tuvan (Radio Edit) 8 Rex Mundi Feat. Susana - Nothing At All (Radio Edit) 9 Charles Mcthorn Feat. Elles De Graaf - Winds Will Turn (Short Radio Edit) 10 Derek The Bandit Vs. James Nelson Feat. Marcie - One (Radio Edit) 11 Aura - Share The Tears 2010 (Pluton Radio Edit) 12 Ciaran Mcauley & Oonagh Pres. Oriana - Bright Lights Ablaze Remix) 13 Wellenrausch & Velvet Skies Feat. Tiff Lacey - Watching Jupiter & Mars (Velvet Skies Vocal Mix) 14 Hysteria! - Move On (Radio Mix) 15 Earthscape Meets Andrea Britton - Believe In Me (Radio Edit) 16 Chicane Feat. Tom Jones - Stoned In Love (Vertigo Vocal Remix) 17 Espen Gulbrandsen Vs. DJ Julian Vincent Feat. Maria Nayler - Perfect Sky (Radio Mix) 18 Judge Jules & Roger Shah Feat. Amanda Angelic - Hold On (Edit) CD 2 1 Tomcraft - Loneliness (2010) (Adam K & Soha s Shadow Radio Edit) 2 DJ Tatana - Autumn Sun (Incognet Remix) 6:24 3 Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Meighan Nealon - Faces (Radio Edit) 4 Mandala Bros. Feat. Tian Winter - Was It The Sunlight (Ron Malakai Vocal Remix) 5 Javah Presents Jacinta - Lost In A Dream (Dima Krasnik Remix) 6 Jeter Avia Feat. Natasha Yakovleva - Waiting For The Something More (Klauss Goulart Radio Mix) 7 Druid - What Do You Miss (Sun Vocal Edit) 8 Chris Reece & Luciana Di Nardo - Still Breathin (Radio Mix) 9 DNS Project Feat. Johanna - Mindful (Radio Edit) 10 Shogun Feat. Hannah Ray - Nadia (Radio Mix) 11 Herbick Feat. Terri B! - I Got A Feeling (Alex Megane Short Edit) 12 Stoneface & Terminal - Don t Give A ~censored~ (Vocal Radio) 13 Triballa Feat. Andrew Force - Nothing Ever (Radio Mix) 14 Nolita Feat. Ross Copperman - Jump (Radio Edit) 15 Dash Berlin With Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Radio Edit) 16 Jean Moiree Feat. Pheel - Heavy Sessions (Alex Morph B2b Woody Van Eyden Remix) 17 John O Callaghan Feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Radio Edit) 18 Kyau & Albert - I Love You (Cosmic Gate Edit)
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