Tying Tiffany - Peoples Temple

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Exceptional musician, prestigious supermodel, revolutionary DJ, actress, venerated muse of countless artists. there is practically no end in characterizing the Italian icon TYING TIFFANY. Right in the middle of provocative catwalk appearances for Diesel and similar designers, riotous live performances and the glamorous world of uncounted magazine covers, the posh artist has created her unique dazzling universe which she is about to expand broadly with her new album “Peoples Temple”.

Nothing less than the resurrection of traditional Goth music from the perspective of today’s decadent lifestyle lurks within TYING TIFFANY, a hot-blooded artist who is ignorant to attributes like “half-heartedly” and lives out her urge of musical fulfillment as convincing as very few artists before her. British Goth godmother SIOUXSIE SIOUX comes to ones mind as inevitably as THE VELVET UNDERGROUND femme fatale NICO or Andy Warhols muse Edie Sedwick when TYING TIFFANY enters the scene with her musical visions. The legendary spirit of early JOY DIVISION, paired with a boundless devotion to the melancholic monotony found in BAUHAUS and a powerful influence of rushing Electroclash frame the ring in which the Italian Gothic queen runs riot like a possessed sex symbol and in which she unleashes an energy painfully missed in most other contemporary female solo artists.


1 3 Circle

2 Storycide

3 Lost Way

4 One Breath

5 Still in My Head

6 Miracle

7 Cecille

8 Border-Line

9 Ghoul

10 Show Me what You got
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