Zweiohrkken 2 (Soundtrack)

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1. Dancing in a Minefield Plushgun

2. Shine On The Tunics

4. Now Dirk Reichardt

5. Yours Truly, the Commuter Jason Lytle

6. Absolutely Still Better Than Ezra

7. Secrets Onerepublic

8. I Like (Jost & Grubert Radio Mix) Keri Hilson

9. Cry Me Out Pixie Lott

10. This Is the Life Amy McDonald

11. Let It Go Roman Fischer

12. Home Paul Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid

13. Shift It Dirk Reichardt

14. Silence Dirk Reichardt

15. Not Now Dirk Reichardt

16. Where Did We Go Wrong Michelle Leonard

17. Bangaloona Dirk Reichardt

18. Ruhe Schiller

19. Sleepless Vandertone vs. Daniel Nitt

20. Tired Again Stanfour

21. Child Without Name Dirk Reichardt

22. Broken Livingston

23. Birds Encouraged Him Jason Lytle

24. What Goes Up... Dirk Reichardt

25. Don't Go Martin Todsharow

26. The World Is Crashin' Down [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

27. My Mission Is U [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

28. Without U [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

29. Bangaloona [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

30. Shift It (Sikroad Remix) [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

31. Sleepess (Silkroad Club Remix) [bonus] Vandertone vs Daniel Nitt

32. Silence (Christian Weber Remix) [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

33. Without U (Nils Ruzcka Remix) [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

34. Where Did We Go Wrong (Mike Candys Remix) [bonus] Michelle Leonard

35. Libertads (Silkroad's Laid Back) [bonus] Dirk Reichardt

36. For an Angel [bonus] Paul Van Dyk

37. Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unpluged Mix) [bonus] Andain

38. Voices [bonus] Neelix

39. Without You [bonus] Dogzilla

40. Fallen [bonus] Giuseppe Ottavaiani feat. Faith
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