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4268 - Mario & Luigi RPG 3(EU)

Mario & Luigi RPG 3(EU)


  • Release number: 4268
  • Genre: RPG
  • Region:
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Archive size: 128MB
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10-15-09
  • Upload by: Winston
  • Rating: 4
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Mario & Luigi RPG 3(EU)

It sees Dennis Quaid shrunken to microscopic size and mistakenly injected into Martin Short, where he floats around, trying not to kill his panicked host from the inside. Swap Dennis Quaid for the brothers Mario and Martin Short for Bowser and you've got Mario & Luigi RPG 3. Just don't expect Mario to be melting a Goomba's face off in digestive juice any time soon.Story details are scarce and what we have is extracted from Google-translated snippets such as "Mario goes super happy in the laughing fisherman's delicatessen". But we do know this: a gigantism disease ...Read More »